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Interesting & Unique Dissertation Topics

Dissertation topic ideas may not be as easy to come by as many graduate and PhD students are learning. Since this type of writing features sophisticated concepts, choosing an ideal topic may help ease the process. How you go about selecting your topic may depend on personal interest and assignment guidelines presented by your instructor.

How to Choose Dissertation Proposal Topics

Your paper will reflect the type of interest you have in your chosen topic. Choose something that allows you to easily answer the question while inviting others to come up to the challenge. A common list of dissertation topics includes politics, finance, journalism, economics, media, law, nursing, marketing, business and music to name a few. Brainstorming is a technique that can help you breakdown a general topic into smaller ideas. Then, take the ideas and begin eliminating those that pose little interest. You can seek advice from your school advisor or review reference materials that present suggestions. You can also conduct further research and take notes on concepts you may be interested in learning more about.

Select a topic that research can be completed on with ease. A good topic will carry logical concepts. Seek advice from colleagues on the subject who have completed similar work. A unique idea will help reduce duplicating content already researched. Getting help in choosing dissertation topics may be easier once you understand the purpose it serves for the assignment. You may find a list of topics based on your subject through reputable online sources such as professional writing services and your college or university website.

Accounting Dissertation Topics and Ideas For a Master’s Thesis

For PhD dissertation writing, it helps to expand in a subject area you are already familiar with. Accounting ethics, online banking, private equity sponsorship, accounting education, sustainability, accounting systems abroad (international), commercial banking concepts, auditing agencies, the banking industry and gender perceptions of accounting are a few general ideas. Get additional ideas from your college committee on topics that have already had extensive research completed.

Geography Dissertation Topics That Support Personal Ideas

Studying basic ideas surrounding geography may be a good place to get started in selecting a topic. The idea is to enhance the imagination aside from just listing common ideas. With different scientific areas including human and physical geography, it may help to divide the idea into a concentrated area of study. Landscape ecology, oceanography, environmental management, cultural geography, economic geography, population and demography concepts, air pollution in Asia, hazards of a volcano, natural disaster predictions and boundary conflicts between international countries are prime topic examples.

Ideal Marketing Dissertation Topics and Suggestions

Dissertation topics in marketing vary depending on personal interests and knowledge of the writer. If you are not familiar with common practices in marketing or rising trends, it may be challenging to find something you will be comfortable writing about. For dissertation topics, marketing alone is a broad area that would be best broken down into smaller areas. Marketing communication tactics in the education industry, online marketing concepts in Asia, word-of-mouth publicity when it goes bad, mobile marketing and internet marketing in different industries is competitive ideas. Common marketing strategies that fail, marketing tactics in the auto industry, using case study information to sell a product, how women are used in advertisements and product availability are other interesting ideas that have different perspectives worth further studying.

Unique Master Thesis Computer Science Dissertation Topics and Ideas

PhD dissertation topics in computer science may be a challenge to come by since a topic needs to be significant in nature, be interesting to the writer and be written within a reasonable time frame. Meaning, you want to choose a topic that is good, but not boring. It is an opportunity to choose an area and research potential open problems worth conducting further research on. Robotics, machine learning, data mining, pattern recognition, and imagine processing are intriguing topics that may offer different insight. Information retrieval, computer and human interactions, natural language processing, ATM systems, and email concepts are other topics.

Simple English Dissertation Ideas

Focusing on a particular area of your subject can be helpful in choosing your idea. Studying work completed by an author, the evolution of a genre, or literature from a certain time period are common, yet interesting areas for ideas. Some students find it more interesting to mix their content but writing a dissertation featuring one or more aspects previously mentioned. If you take time to conduct thorough research the final outcome will include interesting insight for your audience.

  Updated: 01/19/2017