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Interesting Thesis Topics and Writing Ideas

Choosing a thesis topic is one of the most challenging aspects in writing a master’s thesis. If you have the option of choosing what to write about, brainstorming is a common method used in getting started. For broad subject areas such as education or economics, you may still find yourself deciding how to narrow down your ideas to a cohesive solid statement. The following information may help you look at your subject manner from another angle to make the thesis development process easier.

Developing Interesting Thesis Ideas For Your Writing Assignment

Getting ideas for your thesis will depend on different factors such as your subject, personal interest and critical thinking skills. There are a variety of tips and suggestions online that may be useful, and for some, they serve as a starting point for independent research on their topic. You can find a list of common thesis topics online, but referring to such list may present an issue if you want to write about something different.

For instance, a search for economic thesis topics may turn up common writing prompts such as views and theories related to the matter. Instead of overlooking common topics, you may need to conduct additional research or think of ways to present information in a new light. Interesting economics thesis topics may include the meltdown of the U.S. economy, developing economies and globalization effects, the future of the World Bank, inflation rates and inflow of currency and health care impacts on the economy. Other economic topics to consider: globalization policies and criticisms, fraud in supermarkets, economic analysis and its effects on social behavior, international economics, and understanding financial markets.

When Similar Subjects Pose a Challenge in Deciding a Topic

Some subjects pose a challenge when they in some way, shape or form they are connected. Some may feel they are the same thing but referred as another name. Finance and accounting subject areas may present similar content but how it is viewed depends on the writer. Accounting thesis topics for postgraduate students may comprise of ideas such as micro financing, work ethics related to accounting positions, internet banking concepts in other countries, and reviewing a banking sector of a foreign country of choice. Other accounting ideas: accounting manipulations commonly found by investors, shocking accounting scandals, financial instruments, planning in the insurance sector, and capital evaluation.

Ideas just mentioned may seem fitting for finance thesis topics, but depending on what aspect you want to explore you may consider the following ideas for a finance thesis: lines of credit in corporate financing, financing international shipping costs, financial risk management, risks facing international banks, portfolio and investment management, financial planning, trading in the financial market, cash management, commodity futures, and global economic crises.

Unique History Thesis Topics to consider

History can be an interest subject on its own but your personal interests may lean you toward a few topic ideas. Pearl Harbor, World War II, medical and technological advancements, women in the Revolutionary War, and Native American history are interesting areas people have a profound interest in. It is a matter of looking at the subject and deciding on what to highlight that may not be noticed by others. Other history topics: U.S slave trade, modern Europe during the 1700s, population development in the East Midlands during the 1800s, the importance of migration in urban cities, and race division conflicts during the 1950s.

Reviewing Common Educational Thesis Topics From a New Perspective

Education thesis topics may depend on what is currently trending in society. Innovative learning tools, crime rate in schools, safety issues, homeschooling versus public schooling, and how to get parents involved in child learning concepts are common areas. Other education topics: truancy, censorship among school districts, pedagogy, learning problems and ways to improve learning curriculum. Review past studies that have been completed and see if you can update or provide new insight on the topic.

Most Common Criminal Justice Thesis Topics and Ideas

Criminal justice often reflects changing values of different subject matters relating to society. How the system practices fairness, statistical analysis and law violations are commonly researched. War crimes, international laws and conflicts, media and law enforcement, the death penalty, examining hate crimes, crimes against women, public defenders, case loads of prosecutors, racial profiling, and how male and female criminals are treated are ideas that often have a good amount of supporting evidence for a thesis.

Challenging Ideas For Marketing Thesis Topics

Marketing concepts is a big part of the world economy and different aspects are commonly researched to understand their profound effects. Marketing in the corporate world, brand value and perception, common practices of successful companies, promotion research and sampling are topics of interest to consider. Data processing, software usage, market studies, interviewing concepts, and competitive intelligence are other areas to explore.

  Updated: 01/19/2017