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Dissertations & Theses For Education, Marketing, Finance and Accounting Majors

Dissertation writing assignments are known to be a challenge to complete since they capture research analysis completed by the student. It is also known for being an important part of obtaining an academic degree or a professional qualification. Some students may view the structure of a dissertation similar to an essay assignment, but with a higher level of complexity due to data presented, as well as format requirements. In understanding the writing process, it helps to get an idea of dissertation types and common subjects researched. An economics thesis and finance thesis are a few of the most common completed by higher education students.

A Review of Common Types of Dissertations

How a dissertation is researched and written may depend on the type. Explanatory, argumentative and analytical are three common types of dissertations. With an explanatory dissertation the writer attempts to explain positive and negative viewpoints on a subject. The writer may judge opinions they feel are noteworthy or deserve attention. This is completed with facts and less research. An argumentative dissertation may question, interpret or judge a cited statement that lead to a personal conclusion. The writer supplies supporting evidence and facts through research and statistics. Analytical dissertations show assessment and evaluation abilities of the writer. Meaning, the writer explorers and breaks down facts on a topic.

What to Consider When Writing Marketing Dissertations

Your thesis marketing research may include reviewing a variety of sources during research. It helps to keep in mind each part of your dissertation you will need to provide information for. Common sections include the abstract, contents, ethical issues, research findings, introduction, bibliography and appendices to name a few. Create an outline to help you organize and structure data. A thesis on marketing may require you to understand a certain concept from an economic standpoint. Having good analytical skills and the ability to be creative with your finding may help during the writing process. It also helps to be able to present content with good proportion and in logic order.

What to Consider When Writing Your Accounting Dissertation

An accounting thesis may be written on a variety of finance topics or related subjects. A few common areas students write about include researching different banking principals of a company or trends in an international finance market. Dissertation finance research may include researching forecast earnings and how investors respond to them or even life insurance policies designed for a certain ethnicity or industry. As suggested for completing a thesis in marketing, creating an outline may help you incorporate pertinent details you want to include. A search of sample dissertations on this subject may turn up a variety of ideas to write about, yet you should be selective in choosing a sample to study from since some online writing sites provide samples not written by their staff writers.

What to Consider When Writing Literature Review Dissertations

Writing a dissertation based on a literary review often includes a number of components students may find challenging to incorporate. This is partly because it entails accomplishing a certain standards based on questions decided by the writer. In some cases, extensive research needs to be completed in order to gain a new perspective on the subject. The writer may complete several steps in order to finish their assignment such as gathering articles and reading content, highlight the main idea or a significant quote mentioned, cite quotes with a summary or description, group summaries and quotes together to create detailed paragraph structure and logically present details. The introduction and conclusion may be summarized based on details gathered and organized before writing the final draft.

What to Consider When Writing an Educational Thesis

An education thesis may identify trending issues and concerns in the education field. In understanding how to write a thesis on this topic you will need to know what subject and topics are popular, controversial or need improvement. Since this area is a broad subject it helps to reduce or narrow down potential ideas through brainstorming. It is common for writers of this subject to have a genuine interest in this area. In this sense, it helps to look at your interest from another perspective. Talk to people who work in the profession as a teacher or educator, review other studies that have been completed on the subject matter you are writing about and review sample thesis assignments to get other ideas.

Getting Help With Your Thesis or Dissertation With DissertationLand.com

Whether you are writing a medical dissertation or a marketing thesis, our professional writers can provide assistance during any part of the process. From creating unique content, selecting a topic or editing and proofreading your final draft, DissertationLand.com can help meet your academic needs. Need help developing an economic thesis? Our experts have experience in writing on a variety of thesis economics topics as well as other common academic writing subject areas.

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